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The community

The community

Small is BIG

In choosing a school, its normal for families to feel nervous about the new faces, varied routines and the many rooms and buildings their child will need to become familiar with. At Riverside, our smaller class sizes and welcoming environment make the transition seamless.

In fact, the entire community at Riverside is connected, as most people know every staff member’s and student’s name.  We call it the “Small School, Big Family Advantage”.

Not only do high teacher-student rations ensure quality small group and individualised learn, but students of all ages play together during breaks and families get to know and support one another too.

Research, both in Australia and abroad, supports the idea that smaller schools have many advantages, for learning and for personal growth.

Schools are no longer merely places of education and academic pursuit.  Schools, in support of the home, are now significant contributors to a child’s sense of purpose, wellbeing, security and social resilience.

Your child won't get left behind.

Our small class sizes mean teachers get to spend more time with each child, understanding their individual learning style. With less time to spend on administrative tasks, our teachers can focus on delivering a comprehensive curriculum to ensure that no student is left behind. Riverside's supportive environment fosters deep and lasting relationships across its nurturing community.