New Enrolments

Parents or Guardians of prospective new enrolees should apply to the principal of the Riverside Adventist School for:

  1. An enrolment form.
  2. An appointment for an enrolment interview.

A non-refundable application fee of $50 per child is required to formalise the application.

At the enrolment interview we will discuss with the parents such matters as:

  1. The philosophy and purpose of this school.
  2. Parent’s expectations as to what the school could offer their child.
  3. The school’s expectations of the pupil and the parents. This would include such matters as the child’s commitment to the school programme, assistance that the parents are expected to give to the school programme, (Working bees, Home And School Committee, assistance on excursions) uniform and fees.
  4. Medical records showing proof of full immunization programme, especially measles.

The decision of the School Management Committee will be advised in writing by the Principal as soon as possible.

Forms should be returned by 30th November of the preceding year , however later applications will be considered.


All students will be automatically re-enrolled at the end of each for the following year unless otherwise advised by parents of their departure.