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Riverside Adventist School

Discover the little school with a big heart!

With its flexible approach to learning, small class sizes and idyllic location, Riverside Adventist School has much to offer Townsville families.

We have swapped traditional classrooms for a more flexible learning experience.

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Flexible learning is an approach that is about really understanding a student’s educational needs. In some subjects they may need additional one-on-one support while in others they may be more advanced than their set year level.

It is also about how we use our space and group our activities – you’ll find students reading on beanbags or working alongside each other on a rug or collaborating on the whiteboard tables.

At Riverside our high teacher-student ratios mean that we can take the extra time to support students to thrive.

Setting students up for success with its range of extra-curricular activities, Riverside focuses on building character in students to support them to be contributing citizens and not only tolerant but supportive and empathetic towards others.

Discover a Picture Perfect location beside the Ross River

Discover a Picture Perfect location beside the Ross River

Riverside is located in a picturesque pocket beside the Ross River, which supports the curriculum’s emphasis on outdoor learning. Students work together to create and tend to gardens and get back to nature.

All children learn differently and we are blessed to be located in a spot that lends itself so well to regular outdoor lessons.

Riverside is a welcoming community

Riverside is a welcoming community

Learning at Riverside is underpinned by traditional Christian values and offers a holistic program, where, from the time of enrolment, the student’s whole family is embraced and welcomed to our community.

It’s a small, co-educational primary school that has provided a comprehensive academic, spiritual, and physical program from Prep to Year 6 for over 50 years.

Riverside is proudly Adventist and welcomes families of all faiths and backgrounds.