High quality teaching and learning will not occur by accident.  Our teaching practices at Riverside are strongly informed by current educational research.  Our caring, Christian teachers and support staff are committed to being more than simply educators in a world that needs more than just ability.

We maintain a close association with Independent Schools Queensland and other institutions in order to keep our school in step with best practice teaching methods and educational advancements.  We regularly update our desktop and handheld devices to meet the increasing opportunities provided by educational apps and a more connected world.

Riverside Adventist School provides students with a core of essential learning that promotes a depth of understanding across a variety of subjects with a solid foundation in English, Maths and Science.

The fully approved Riverside Curriculum is dynamic, well balanced and academically challenging.  Timetabled blocks of learning are dedicated to the Key Learning Areas including music, sport, library and technology.

Learning includes whole class, group and individual activities that focus on holistic understanding of ideas and concepts, rather than isolated facts and skills. Riverside teachers focus on the total growth of the developing child, educating both hearts and minds in a balanced approach.  There is a deliberate focus on teaching students how to access learning opportunities for themselves in this ever-advancing climate of technological evolution.