Pastoral Care

Riverside Adventist School has a clear mission to

  • Encourage students to love and follow Jesus
  • Promote an environment of respect and acceptance
  • Empower students to do their very best

The school administration, teachers, support staff and chaplain all contribute to the spiritual life of Riverside. The pastoral ministries are designed to develop a spiritual awareness among students and to challenge them to develop a personal faith experience, to build a life-time trust in God, and a genuine love for all people.

Riverside encourages each student to:

  • Establish and develop a friendship with Jesus.
  • Share their personal experience and knowledge of God’s Word
  • Demonstrate the desire to be of service to God and humanity
  • Respect people of other faiths and philosophical persuasions

Chaplaincy Program

The Chaplaincy program at Riverside Adventist School enhances the spiritual emphasis that forms the basis for all education.  Our Chaplain’s ministry includes involvement on the following, where possible:

  • Weekly chapel programs
  • Student counselling
  • Individual and group Bible studies
  • Community service projects
  • School trips and visits to churches
  • Annual spiritual emphasis programs
  • Home visitations

The Chaplain aims to help students:

  • Build positive relationships with parents and teachers
  • Strengthen social and friendship skills
  • Seek answers to spiritual and relational concerns
  • Find support in times of crisis or need
  • Make links to additional support services within the community

Riverside Adventist School acknowledges funding under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program (NSCSWP).  We appreciate the additional staff resource that this initiative funds and the difference it makes for our Riverside students and their families.