The dream of many years, to start and Early Learning Centre at Riverside Adventist Christian School, became a reality in July, 2015.  Our location here in this quiet, safe, riverside setting has long been recognised as ideal for the establishment of an early learning centre.  The realisation of this dream has necessitated many weeks, months and years of negotiation, construction and prayer.  We are so excited to have finalised the extreme renovation of an existing building into our new innovative, architecturally designed and uncompromising Early Learning Centre.  The gorgeous, landscaped natural outside play area accompanies the open space indoor area which has its own wet area and many other learning features.  Once the construction was certified and the service approval finalised, there were just days until we opened the doors to enrolments.  Whilst a mid year start was not ideal, we know that many people are already signing up for when their child turns three!


Currently, the centre is overseen by the Director, who is also the Educational Leader and Kindergarten teacher.  Two part-time assistants support the learning each day.  The centre is operated by Riverside Adventist Christian School and so is officially run by the school’s School Management Committee and overseen by the Principal, Mr Ian Humphries.


We are proud to offer the new cyan blue shirts with the ‘Riverside Kids’ logo which we like all children to wear.  The bucket hats the adjoining School uses are ideal to accompany the shirts.  Prices of these items are available at the school office.

Daily Fees

We have a daily fee of $57.00 which is supported with CCB and CCR where eligible.

Signing In and Signing Out

We are currently introducing the QikKids Kiosk for sign in and sign out.  This will enable parents and approved family and friends to sign the children in and out electronically each morning and afternoon.  Additionally, for the children’s benefit, we are trialling a personal, handwritten child sign in that children complete themselves.


As a part of the daily fee, the children will be supplied with fresh fruit for afternoon tea.  Parents and carers will need to supply lunch and morning tea according to their own desires for their child’s eating patterns.  Parents may also choose to supply their own afternoon tea even though fresh fruit will be made available by staff.

Sun Protection

Shade cloth covers some of the play area and sandpits.  There is a wide back verandah and a breeze way which provides amply of sun protected space for outdoor play.  Sunscreen is also available for daily use.  Children are required to wear hats when playing outdoors.

Current Hours of Operation

At Riverside Kids, the service operates 48 weeks a year.  It will be closed the first week of the mid-year school holidays and three weeks over the Christmas New Year period.  Calendars will be established for each new year prior to the end of November the previous year.  The centre is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.  These hours may expand in future according to demand but for 2017, this arrangement will remain constant.

Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten program will be available for 4 year old students.  To be eligible for the Kindergarten funding children will need to attend a minimum of 15 hours per week.  As the Centre is open 8 hours per day this can be accomplished over two days.  Any two days from Tuesday to Thursday may be included in the Kindergarten program.  The program includes the “Early Years Learning Framework” of belonging, being and becoming as directed by the Kindergarten guidelines of learning and development through identity, connectedness, wellbeing, active learning and communication.  Learning through play will be the vehicle that drives the learning experiences. Resources and environments will be structured to be inviting and challenging to the enquiring mind. The children’s world view will be explored though diversity and cultural differences amongst the children, families, staff and the wider community. The children will be encouraged to recognise confidence in their abilities, make positive choices, showing bravery in new situations and resilience in challenging ones.  A nurturing, safe environment will be provided in which the children can explore and develop skills for their holistic development incorporating their physical, social, cognitive and spiritual needs.


The Early Learning Centre will join with Riverside Adventist Christian School for special events throughout the year.  These may include service activities, sporting events, school Chapels, gardening, special visitational programs and cultural celebrations.